ORIGAMI Matcha Bowl

    Each ORIGAMI Matcha Bowl was crafted in Mino Japan, a city well-known for its ceramic craftsmanship for over 400 years.

    The makers of ORIGAMI designed it with a round bottom, suitable for spotting and kneading matcha (thin tea) to get the smooth foam. The shape can also allow small amounts of matcha (thick tea) to be kneaded for matcha lattes.

    The rounded shape helps contain the fine foam, making it hard to spill, and at the same time, the shape makes it easy to hold. The spout on the lip ensures matcha can be smoothly poured into your preferred drinking vessel.

    This bowl gives you a traditional vibe of a tea ceremony and is made in Japan from material called Liston and has a matte glazed finish.

    Note - 'kneading' means the stirring of matcha 

    • Dimensions: 118 x 135 x 80H (540ml)
    • Material: Liston
    • Made in Japan