ORIGAMI Cupping Bowls (6pk)

    This cupping bowl is officially approved by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the organiser of the Cup of Excellence.

    Origami’s precision manufacturing technologies reduce differences between bowls, allowing for more uniform and accurate tasting.
    The cups can be stacked with coffee beans or coffee powder and can be transported.
    The 150ml and 200ml lines are engraved 360 degrees on the inside of the cup, allowing the user to check the level of the cup.
    Capacity and diameter meet SCA cupping protocols.

    *Please note that these cups are sold in sets of 6.


    • Dimensions: Diameter Φ85 × H62mm Foot Φ57mm 225ml (when full) approx. 165g
    • Material: Porcelain
    • Suitable for use in microwave / oven / dishwasher
    • Heat resistant up to 120℃
    • Made in Japan