Dry Anaerobic Fermentation

    Dry Anaerobic Fermentation

    Is a metabolic process that breaks down carbohydrates (sugar) into organic acids, gasses or alcohols under a condition where oxygen is absent, hence it is called, anaerobic fermentation. Fermentation is used in coffee to extract the seed from the cherry and this process also help to develop desirable flavours.

    What makes it so different from other types of fermentation?

    In biochemistry, it is narrowly defined as the extraction of energy from carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen, whilst fermentation more broadly refers to any process in which the activity of microorganisms helps to break down organic material.

    What makes these coffees so different from other coffees?

    These coffees are fermented in conjunction with the dehydrated fruits mentioned in the coffee labels.

    Are these artificially infused flavoured coffees?

    No, there is no added flavour. Coffee cherries are sealed into a container with dehydrated fruits and go through a dry anaerobic fermentation process (absence of liquid).

    The end result of the coffees being so fruity is not just due to the fruits or coffee cherries. The microbes always look for the most sugar, so they start feeding on the sugars present in the fruit and coffee cherries. The by-product of this activity carried out by microbes gives us the result we achieve in these coffees. A by-product that is called ester.

    Who is ester, you ask?

    Esters are flavour compounds produced during fermentation that can vary in taste and aroma between pears, roses, bananas or other light types of fruit. Esters are responsible for the aroma that many types of fruit have, including apples, durians, pears, bananas, pineapples, and strawberries, etc.

    To sum it up...

    Adding the fruit results in a higher concentration of the esters produced during the fermentation process, which enhance the flavour of each cup.

    It's a very new and progressive coffee fermentation process and we cannot wait to share more with you.